(Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Protesters plan on hitting the streets again tonight without a proper permit, which is likely to once again cause travel issues for drivers in St Paul. Hundreds of protesters spoke out against racial issues in St. Paul on Saturday morning. Protesters took part in a “die in” demonstration, closing off a main entrance to the State Fair.

Rashad Turner, one of the event organizers, said to the crowd, “As far as the fair – again – this isn’t just about the State Fair – it’s about the bigger picture – but they do represent some of the same disparities that we see in our city of St Paul, some of the same disparities we see across the State, and definitely across this Nation.”

Turner explained the reasoning behind the protest, saying, “We want the Fair to be fair. We wanted to have Black Fair there, St Paul Police have a very strong presence as you’ve just seen, all those bikes coming through – and they’re the most deadly police department in Minnesota – so we want to call attention to those injustices, and try to make some changes.”

Trahern Crews is the Green Party Endorsed Candidate for St. Paul City Council. He says an officer involved shooting is the focus of the protest, stating, “Our main reason for coming here today is for Marcus Golden. We would like Governor Dayton to reopen the investigation into his death by the St. Paul police.” Marcus Golden was killed during a confrontation with St Paul police last January. A Washington County Grand Jury did not indict the officers on criminal charges.

Governor Dayton called the protests “inappropriate.” Alpha News asked Crews if he thinks Minnesota’s elected officials have done enough to support their cause.  Crews responded, “Not at all. I think Governor Dayton and the Mayor of St Paul are more concerned with building stadiums than closing the wealth gaps and the disparity gaps that exist in the State of Minnesota”

Crews says they would like to see “at least thirty to forty percent” minority vendors at the State Fair.

The next protest is set to happen tonight outside The Governor’s mansion.

Black Lives Matter’s full list of demands include: The end of grand jury proceedings for police homicides, independent external investigations for any police related homicides and shootings, body cameras on all officers, liability insurance for police, immediate video recorded statement by officers involved in police shootings or beatings, community control of hiring and firing, and all charges being dropped against Black Lives Matter Minneapolis by the City of Bloomington for a protest that occurred at the Mall of America.


Julia Erynn