Drivers honked in support of hundreds of protesters as they rallied outside the regional office for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota in St Paul yesterday afternoon. It was one of 65 protests around the Nation, calling for the end of taxpayer funded abortions….

Angela Erickson, the Northern Regional Coordinator of Students for Life of America, says these protests succeeded her expectations, with 65 cities participating in the protests, stating, “what we’re asking is that our elected officials investigate, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, and ultimately de-fund Planned Parenthood.”

The Center For Medical Progress released a third video the morning of the protests – which shows technicians at a Planned Parenthood Regional Medical Center picking through fetal remains for viable organs.

Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries in Minneapolis shared his own experiences with the crowd, stating, “In 1987 we found the remains of thirteen aborted babies in the trash dumpster behind the abortion clinic in Robinsdale Minnesota….nothing different about those babies bodies than what happens at Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility anywhere.”

Republican Representatives Jon Koznick, Eric Lucero, Abigail Whelan, Mary Franson, Matt Dean, Tim Miller, and Kathy Lohmer spoke at the protest, offering support and their promise to introduce legislation to de-fund and investigate Planned Parenthood. Representative Franson asked media to do a better job of investigating what Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith, who worked as senior management at this regional Planned Parenthood, did or did not know about the alleged fetal tissue sales. Lieutenant Governor Smith has yet to make comment on this issue.

Sixty five lawmakers in Minnesota are calling on Governor Dayton to launch an investigation to guarantee Minnesotans that Planned Parenthood and the University of Minnesota are not participating in these practices nor purchasing these tissues. Another round of protests are set to happen August 18th.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, Jen Aulwes, can be seen expressing their support for Planned Parenthood branches that participate in these programs.  Aulwes allegedly warned journalists not to release the Center for Medical Progress videos.  Aulwes has not responded to any of Alpha News’ requests for comment.  


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Julia Erynn