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Alpha News Interview – Senator Rick Santorum

Alpha News asks Senator Rick Santorum his plan to top Governor Scott Walker's leading poll numbers in Minnesota....

Alpha News Interview: Dr. Ben Carson

A seventh Planned Parenthood video has been released - Alpha News asks Dr. Ben Carson what actions he would take if elected President....

Alpha News Interview: Senator Ted Cruz

Alpha News asks Senator Ted Cruz about sanctuary cities. We cover his Rally for Religious Freedom, as well as his confrontation with actress Ellen Page

GOP Debate featuring Senator Marco Rubio

Alpha News digs in to the division of the Republican debate and asks Senator Marco Rubio about turning a deep blue state, red...

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Reactions to the 2nd GOP Debate

Wednesday evening millions of Americans gathered to watch the second Republican Presidential Debate – but did the debate change the minds of voters or address the issues they care about the most? Alpha news attended the debate watch party in New Hope hosted by the 5th congressional district republicans. We asked several attendees how they felt about the candidates both before, and after the debate.

Dayton to those questioning refugee resettlement: “Find another state”

Governor Mark Dayton attended a community conversation about race in St. Cloud yesterday and told people who have been questioning refugee resettlement in central Minnesota region to "find another state."

Senator Rand Paul Speaks in Minnesota

We interview Senator Rand Paul and cover his campaign stop at the University of Minnesota

A special legislative session? Really?

While Minnesotans get ready for the holiday weekend, Governor Dayton is still talking about holding a special legislative session prior to the March 8, 2016 start date of the regular session. Why?

Dayton invokes Bush and Reagan, demands meeting with Obama

Minnesota's Democrat leadership wants President Obama to follow the lead of past Republican Presidents to address chronic Iron Range unemployment. But, it's not only cheap Chinese steel that's hurting iron-ore workers.

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