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Woman who assaulted Alpha News journalist charged with rioting, assault and...

Update: Minneapolis prosecutors, based on information provided by the police, wrongly identified Lauren Patricia Peterson as the woman who assaulted an Alpha News journalist in...

Tution Hike on Docket for University of Minnesota

Cost of attendance at the University of Minnesota this upcoming fall may soon be on the rise.  President Kaler recently released his proposal for funding the...

Lawmakers Step in to Assist Citizens Fighting Stillwater Elementary Schools Closures

The battle over Stillwater Schools ISD 834 B.O.L.D proposal to close three elementary schools is heating up with three Minnesota legislators along with other community leaders/politicians offering their support to the STOP BOLD COLD parent/resident opposition movement.

BOLD Solution: Consolidate Stillwater and Mahtomedi School Districts?

A suggested solution to the ongoing Stillwater Area School District 834 BOLD plan: consolidate with Mahtomedi School District 822. Minnesota Department of Education plans meeting to explore the idea.

Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota

Voter Fraud in Minnesota, and one can presume elsewhere, is practiced almost entirely by Democrats, who have waged a relentless campaign to block any...

Minnesota Pride: State Hockey Tournament

The State of Hockey tradition continues with the 2016 Boys State Hockey Tournament, Mar. 2 - 5, Xcel Center, St. Paul.

CAIR Shakedown: Install bidet and foot washing station at Columbia Heights...

There was a dramatic ending earlier this week to a month of protests in the Columbia Heights school district. Will the district meet the request of the exiting school board member to accommodate Muslim students? It would be the first K-12 public school to make such a change.

No Freedom of Speech Rights During ISD 833 School Board Meeting

South Washington County School District 833 created controversy when the School Board removed the Public Comment time from the Jan. 21, 2016 meeting agenda and also ejected two concerned parents from the meeting.

Absentee ballots found in Wisconsin ditch

Three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, were found in a Wisconsin ditch Tuesday, according to police. Police are now investigating how the mail...

Stillwater School Board Votes 5-2 to Close Elementary Schools; Lawsuits Imminent

Stillwater School District school board members vote 5-2 to close three elementary schools. Lawsuits by two community groups have been threatened or filed against the closures.