Commentary: Rep Collin Peterson’s Voting Record Contradicts Pronouncements Supporting Southern Border Wall

Peterson won’t give constituents the wall they want and has zero influence among his party leadership to persuade them to build it.

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Representative Collin Peterson recently garnered national media attention for suggesting we fund the border wall.  But his voting record both before and after his public statements indicate he doesn’t support the wall.

On December 20th, 2018, Peterson voted against the Republican Appropriations Bill (HR 695) that included over $5 Billion for border security.  Peterson isn’t really for the wall.

On January 3rd, shortly after Peterson cast his vote for 100% pro-abortion rating, southern border wall opponent Rep Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House, Peterson’s Democratic Party moved forward their omnibus appropriations bill (HR 21) that didn’t fund the wall but did repeal the Mexico City Policy (now called Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance) President Trump reinstated shortly after taking office and later expanded.  HR 21 would also give $37.5 Million to the United Nations Population Fund, which President Trump withdrew the US from in 2017 over its participation in China’s forced abortion regime.  Peterson was lock-step with his caucus, as HR 21 had 100% Democratic support.  Peterson isn’t really for the wall, and his vote casts serious doubt on his commitment to the Pro-Life cause.

On January 21st, Peterson visited western Minnesota and joined KFGO in studio.  He remarked, “Give Trump the Money”, and got nationwide attention.  On January 23rd, Peterson went back to Washington, DC, and voted for the Democratic funding bill (HR 648) that didn’t include funding for the wall.  Peterson isn’t really for the wall.

Recent commentary suggested Collin Peterson, 15-term Congressman for Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, has some influence in the Democratic Party to urge them to fund the border wall. But in his 28+ years in Congress, Peterson hasn’t moved his party toward being pro-life or pro-second amendment, and he certainly won’t influence them to fund the wall.  Peterson’s only influence within his party is on Agriculture policy.  Suggestions otherwise reveal a misunderstanding of the political climate in western Minnesota and the nation.

Western Minnesotans are tired of Collin Peterson’s double-speak.  We will consistently call out his career politician ways of saying one thing in district, then going back to DC to vote lock-step with his caucus.  Western Minnesota needs new leadership.  We need a Congressman who understands national security (which includes border security), promotes agriculture and small business, is for smaller government, lower taxes and more individual liberty.

Major Dave Hughes is a 21+ year US Air Force active duty retired Iraq War veteran, resident of Karlstad, MN, and was the 2016 and 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress for Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District.  He is currently a civilian contractor to US Customs and Border Protection as Lead Flight Instructor for CBP’s Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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