(Saint Paul, Minnesota) A bill introduced last week seeks to address the Minnesota State High School League’s December policy change, which allows biological males to play on girls athletic teams and permits the same student athletes to use school bathrooms and locker rooms of the sex with which they identify. This bill was introduced in the house by Representative Tim Miller of Prinsburg, and in the Senate by Senator David Brown of Becker.

In regards to why he supports this bill, Senator Brown stated, “This bill would provide that every school district provide a room for them to change in, every school district that I’m aware of has that, whether it’s a teacher’s lounge or something. We just think it’s inappropriate for males and females to be undressing in the same locker room, no matter what they identify as.”

The Senator went on to say that he believes the decision handed down by the Minnesota State High School League, “opens the door wide for bullying and intimidation and other issues.” This is quite a different point of view on this issue compared those who see this as an act of hatred. Governor Dayton has said on multiple occasions that opposition to the decision by the Minnesota State High School League is, “despicable hate mongering.”

In response to this accusation, Senator Brown says, “He (The Governor) is entitled to his opinion on this, but the legislature has every responsibility to establish a public policy position, especially on issues that are crucial like this.”

Polling released in February by the Minnesota non-profit organization, Child Protection League Action found that by a margin of 76%-17%, Minnesota voters would support legislation to ensure girls’ athletic teams are reserved for biological females, and that schools maintain separate bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex.

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