Editorial: Obamacare took the Care out of our Healthcare

Real victims of Obamacare


Submitted by Pete Keller, a resident of Eagan, Minnesota.

Have you ever heard the ridiculous lie that Obamacare somehow saved someone’s life? Those who claim Obamacare saved their lives neglect to mention the real medical professionals and first responders who actually saved their lives. These pretenders make their unprovable claims only at carefully crafted political rallies in front of collaborative media with coordinated political agendas.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who struggle with Obamacare’s increased costs, regulations and paperwork wish we could go back to the time when everyone knew it was the medical professionals and first responders who really saved lives before they were burdened with Obamacare. Obamacare has not saved one life. In fact, Obamacare has had only a negative impact on health care.

Remember that other big lie, “You can keep your doctors and your plan”? Both my grandmas were no longer allowed to keep their doctors or their previous plans. Under my grandmas’ previous healthcare, prior to Obamacare regulations, my grandmas had doctors who intimately knew their medical histories and had kept them in good health for decades. After Obamacare regulations, their preferred doctors were forced out, and both my grandmas’ health went downhill immediately. All across America, elderly care suffered as doctors were forced out of their previous practices by onerous and ridiculous Obamacare changes. Obamacare killed both my grandmas.

The elderly were not alone. Obamacare changes also affected the very young. I have seven children, and the contrast in care could not have been starker before and after Obamacare. Before Obamacare, our children’s’ doctors would spend the whole visit completely focused on the child’s health. After Obamacare, the doctors spent more time in their offices and at their computer terminals with their backs to the child … or talking to the parents to explain what tests “will no longer be covered under wellness checks.” Privately, doctors often complained to us that too much of their time was being wasted by new paperwork and regulations that kept them from their more important work of saving lives. Because of this Obamacare distraction, doctors had much less time to care for patients, and one of my daughters suffered life-threatening yet avoidable complications from this new lack of focus on actual medicine. Obamacare was not saving lives, only getting in the way.

Today, I learned my youngest daughter is legally blind in one eye at the ripe old age of three-years-old. The eye doctor said the blindness would have been completely avoidable if a test had been ordered and not missed by the hospital or family practice in my daughter’s first year. I can’t blame my family doctor though … it’s pretty hard to check my daughter’s vision when you have your back turned, focused on a computer screen full of Obamacare imposed paperwork and regulations.

Alpha News Staff
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