Extreme Media Bias: Complain About Zoning, Be Accused Of Complicity In A Bombing

In a new low not even I could have imagined coming from our corrupt & dishonest media, FOX 9 News slanders a Bloomington woman who lives near the radical Islamist mosque Dar Al-Farooq by repeating baseless allegations by terrorist linked CAIR that somehow she was responsible for last year’s bombing that resulted in minor property damage.

No, you read that right. In a shameful, bordering on the depraved, story by Tom Lyden, FOX 9 News repeats the allegation from CAIR without the slightest qualification. The Regressive Left reporter puts it this way: “The motive to specifically target Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington wasn’t revealed by federal prosecutors, but was suggested by community leaders.”

Does the intrepid reporter press the terrorist linked group for any, any substantiation of the claim? Of course not. He simply slanders the woman by repeating the allegation. Why would CAIR pick on this woman? Because she has documented widespread zoning abuses of the mosque. This is sheer retaliation. Has the City of Bloomington done anything to date about this? Of course not, because thugs like CAIR depend on bullying and here it seems to have worked, at least so far. Lyden nowhere mentions his efforts to contact city officials for this story.

Does Lydon even go through the motions of asking the FBI if this thuggish attribution of a bombing to an innocent woman by the terrorist mosque is remotely possible? No. Does he challenge CAIR in any way by, for example, asking if citizens shouldn’t expect the equal application of zoning laws instead of being singled out as a way of silencing them? No. Does he ask the radical mosque or CAIR why they are such bad neighbors and indifferent to the problems they are causing? No.

Worse, Lyden attempts to doxx the woman in question by publishing the name of her blog and the name of a civil rights group she founded, “Friends of Smith Park.” The park is located adjacent to the terrorist mosque. Critics of radical Islam are frequently killed or seriously harmed. Lyden aids and abets in the increased potential that this brave woman can come to harm by his “reporting.” I’m not sure it’s possible to garner enough contempt for media.

Having published her age, her geographic location (she lives two blocks away in case terrorists want to harm her, her family or her pets), as well as the name of her blog and civil rights group, the reprehensible Lyden pretends the damage isn’t done by writing “Fox 9 is not naming the woman primarily associated with the group because she fears retaliation.” If anyone asks you why media are loathed, show them this story for starters.

Thanks to an understandably anonymous reader for submitting this story. While there’s no “Best Biased Media Story” competition or award, if there were this disgusting article would surely be a finalist.

Thank you to other readers who submitted stories. Please keep them coming. I happen to know personally that this contest bothers local media a great deal. Keep it up. Another winner will be announced next Friday.


John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at minnesotaconservatives.org & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter