Higher Education Alternative Combats Rising College Tuition

With the cost of tuition continuing to peak, parents, students and graduates across the nation are calling for more affordable education – but are more taxpayer-funded grants and loan forgiveness the only option? A group of Minnesotans are hoping to offer a solution.

Pastor David Glesne has helped to develop Virtues Campus – revamping the historical tradition of community and church members banding together to offer affordable, quality education.

Students are mentored, take internships, and a blend of online and on campus classes – all of it is accredited. Students stay with virtues campus for two years before transferring over to a four year program, usually without debt. Glesne says all of the students are on track to graduate debt free and they’re planning on expanding, making church-based affordable education a more popular option.

Virtues Campus is offering twelve full scholarships and thirteen partial scholarships for the next class of students – If interested apply by June 10th.

Julia Erynn