Highlights from Day Two of the Republican National Convention

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Day two of the Republican National Convention brought unity and conflict. Here is your recap of yesterday’s events:

Havoc on the Outside

Yesterday, the Cleveland Police Department had their hands full with protesters outside of the convention.

According to the New York Post, protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, the KKK, and Black Lives Matter got into a heated altercation that resulted in the three groups throwing urine at one another. Cleveland PD eventually stepped in and broke the three groups up.

Rick Rice, a Minnesota Delegate said that the delegation had no clue that anything was amiss outside and that they only heard a few tidbits about what had happened.

Havoc on the Inside

Inside, the convention had its own problems as a few states encountered unusual situations. Delegates in a few states made their voice heard when the RNC took the allotted delegates from Alaska, Washington D.C., and Utah and awarded them all to Donald Trump. The three states originally gave the majority of their delegates to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) based on their primary results, however, the RNC quickly and quietly silenced them using obscure rules found within their individual State Party rules. The votes remained as the Secretary had called them – all for Trump.

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The Republican Nominee

As Alpha News reported late in the afternoon yesterday, the delegates of the convention confirmed that Donald Trump would be the Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party and also confirmed that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana would be his running mate. Tom Emmer (R-MN) was the delegation spokesman last night as he proudly announced that Minnesota had given eight delegates “to the next President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

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Bringing Down the House

Speakers of last night’s convention brought the crowds to their feet as they shared their enthusiasm for Donald Trump’s nomination.

Two of Trump’s children spoke last night. Tiffany Trump spoke of her father as a father, not as a businessman. However, Donald J. Trump Jr. had many delegates, even a few of Minnesota’s, tweeting that Jr. should run for President after his father.

Trump Junior spoke of his father as an everyday man who went out and dug his hands in the dirt, while others in his position hid behind an office door, overall painting his father as an everyday average American.

Credit: ABC15 Arizona

Governor Chris Christie who has stuck by Donald Trump’s side since his decision to quit the race after the New Hampshire primary got the crowd chanting “Lock her up” as he put on his prosecutor hat and made a case for Hillary’s arrest. As usual, Christie was interactive and blunt as he spoke to the delegation reminding them of Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

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Preya Samsundar

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