How much will you pay or save if your favorite candidate wins?

The Tax Policy Center has created an online tax calculator the how each presidential candidate’s tax plan would affect you.

Check out the calculator by clicking here

A married couple with two children who makes 60K Household Income would

  • Save $4,020 under Trump
  • Save $2,220 under Cruz
  • Pay $40 more under Clinton
  • Pay $7,520 more under Sanders

We adjusted the income for 2017 dollars, which puts the average family at $62,718. On average, people — whose income is between $60,000 and $65,000 and are married with two or more children — would pay about $10,960 in federal taxes in 2017 under the current tax code, or an effective tax rate of about 12% of your expanded cash income. The following is how the individual income tax, the corportate income tax, excise taxes, and payroll taxes would affect people, under the candidates’ plans.

How your tax liability changes under…


Yuuuge tax cuts,

Pay $4,020 less(Tax rate: 7.6%)


For most, 10% flat rate on income tax and 16% value-added tax.

Pay $2,220 less(Tax rate: 9.5%)


Taxes stay about the same.

Pay $40 more(Tax rate: 12%)


Big tax increases

Pay $7,520 more(Tax rate: 20.2%)

Data from the Tax Policy Center
Andrea Mayer-Bruestle