“I may regret posting this publicly” – Parks & Rec Board Member Publicly Posts Boardroom Controversy

A Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board Member posted late Wednesday evening that he has felt “physically unsafe by the aggressive words, tone and mannerisms of a single colleague” in the board room.  Brad Bourn, the District 6 Commissioner for the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board posted to social media after facing what he calls “victim blaming” at the latest board meeting.

Bourn says he has been made to feel unsafe by an unnamed colleague “twice in the last year” and says that each time he immediately expressed concern to the Parks & Recreation Board leaders, President Liz Wielinski of District 1 and Vice President Scott Vreeland of District 3.

Bourn states that after the meeting Wednesday he once again attempted to share with Wielinski and Vreeland his safety concerns, but was met with “victim blaming.”  Bourn explains, “When I asked Liz to in the future to uphold our rules and remove any commissioner who speaks in overtly violent and aggressive tones, Scott Vreeland literally responded with the words ‘You’re the problem!’ and instead of addressing the issue at hand preceded to accuse me of having nefarious motives in my advocacy for our parks.”

Alpha News has reached out to Bourn, Wielinski, and Vreeland for comment and will continue to follow up on this developing story.

Brad Bourn's Post Wednesday Evening
Brad Bourn’s Post Wednesday Evening