Is Jason Lewis running for Congress?  Jason Lewis is a popular radio talk show host and a political commentator living in Minnesota.
In an interview with Alpha News Lewis confirms rumors that he is considering a bid for Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, currently held by Representative John Kline.  Kline announced he will not be seeking re-election back in September.
Lewis explains his consideration has even gone as far as having a campaign theme in the making, telling us, “My campaign theme – as it’s being formulated as we speak – is going to be helping Minnesota and helping this economy.”

Lewis says his main focus would be fiscal issues, stating, “Well I’m not going to be one of those congressmen that just brings home the pork – I think there’s an argument to be made that a congressman who serves his country first serves his district best.  So, that’s not going to be the issue.  The issue for me is going to be to get the fiscal house in order.”

Lewis says he plans to announce whether or not he is running, “very soon.”
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