Several lawmakers are not running for reelection in 2016, and some are using the opportunity to introduce controversial legislation during their last months in office. Senator David Brown of Mille Lacs County in District 15 is one of the legislators not seeking reelection, and says he intends to introduce several controversial pieces his last session.  Brown says, “I guess I’m not going quietly, I could take it very easy my last term, but I feel very strongly about some of the bills that I’m offering this year.”

One of the pieces Senator Brown is introducing establishes a policy stating that the Constitution trumps foreign laws in court, known as “American Laws for American Courts.”  Another legislative piece would partially bring back the death penalty in Minnesota.  Brown explains, “Anyone who is convicted of first degree murder of a police officer, it’s the automatic death penalty for them. That’ll bring back, to some degree, the death penalty in Minnesota…”

A third piece of legislation Brown is introducing intends to protect teachers and administrators in public schools.  Brown says, “it’s been statewide policy that a teacher cannot lay a hand on a student, but we don’t have the reverse, students shouldn’t be able to lay a hand on a teacher.”

Senator Brown says the legislation would set a statewide minimum for the consequences if a student assaults a teacher or administrator.

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