Lawn sign of Kendall Qualls’ family vandalized with ‘BLM’

Qualls is running in the Third Congressional District against Rep. Dean Phillips.

A lawn sign for Republican congressional candidate Kendall Qualls was spray-painted with the Black Lives Matter acronym.

The lawn sign features a picture of Qualls with his wife and five children, and was defaced with “BLM” sometime this week.

“This is what the far-left has succumbed to. Vandalizing an image of me and my family because we present a different message, different story, and a different path forward,” Qualls said in a statement on Facebook.

Qualls is running in the Third Congressional District against Rep. Dean Phillips, whom he has criticized for embracing the identity politics of the left.

“Phillips has used the turmoil as an opportunity to join the progressive left and promote a dogma of division in an attempt to redefine America as a ‘systemically racist’ country,” Qualls said in a recent Star Tribune op-ed. “For me, as an African American, the most insulting and condescending claim from Phillips was the implication that white Americans are where they are in life due to ‘unearned power that comes with privilege’ and that they must use this ‘privilege to support Black communities’ to ‘create the world we want to see.’”

“In short, Phillips’ suggestion that it is up to others to give Black Americans ‘the world we want to see’ denies me and my fellow Black Americans the personal agency to create our own story and fulfill our own dreams,” he added. “As individuals and as a community, we must reject this narrative.”


Anthony Gockowski
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Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and wrote for the Daily Caller.