Man who jettisoned cop from moving truck has history of violence against police

Demone Gregory Ivory has been arrested after Ramsey County charged him with causing "demonstrable bodily harm" to a police officer.

Background: St. Paul Police Department/Facebook. Right: Demone Gregory Ivory/Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

A man who made headlines earlier this month for punching a cop, causing the officer to fall from a moving truck, has a history of assaulting police.

A St. Paul police officer was dragged behind a pickup truck as he pursued a fleeing suspect on Sept. 2. During this chaotic chase, the suspect, now identified as Demone Gregory Ivory, 38, was recorded striking the officer in the face, causing him to fall from the moving vehicle. Ivory has since been charged with fourth-degree assault of a peace officer resulting in “demonstrable bodily harm.”

According to a criminal complaint, Ivory asked a female for money and began chasing after her on foot prior to his encounter with the police. When police arrived, he was “hostile and began ‘sizing up’ the officer as if he wanted to fight.”

“He then began running northbound on Arcade. Officers pursued him. He jumped into the bed of a white pickup truck when the occupants of the truck appeared to invite him into the vehicle to escape the police,” the complaint states.

Ivory was taken into custody on Saturday.

This was not the first time Ivory had crossed paths with the law. Rather, he has been arrested in connection with two other incidents that involved violence against police officers and his record also includes domestic assault, an unprovoked assault, car theft, robbery, drug possession, damage to property and more.

The first of Ivory’s violent confrontations with law enforcement occurred in 2016. Police received a call about a fare evasion and were informed that Ivory was harassing people on a Metro Transit bus. When officers arrived on scene, Ivory “immediately became aggressive, yelling at the officers and trying to push past them.”

Police then placed Ivory in handcuffs and discovered that he also was in possession of crystal meth. While he was being searched, Ivory bit an officer’s hand. He also offered police an “8 ball” in exchange for his release.

He was convicted on a drug possession charge while the assault charge was dismissed as part of a plea deal.

The second incident occurred in a similar manner as Ivory hit an officer in the nose, resisting arrest after he robbed a Metro PCS store in late 2019. This crime landed Ivory a 60-month sentence, but it was stayed by Ramsey County District Judge Joy D. Bartscher in August 2020.

Instead, Ivory was placed on probation for 10 years. Court records indicate that the 2019 case has been reopened.


Kyle Hooten

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