Democrat State House Leader Flips Off The Camera At Republican Press Event

He also said the Republicans don't deserve credit for their own insulin initiative.

The majority leader of Minnesota’s Democrat-controlled State House enjoyed a moment of candid self expression in the background of a Minnesota Senate Republicans press event.

The Senate Republicans addressed the media, Tuesday, to update the state about their efforts to provide affordable access to insulin for diabetics. As the cameras rolled, House leader Ryan Winkler stepped into frame and raised his middle finger.

Winkler later apologized for the rude gesture, alongside a claim that the Republicans do not deserve credit for their work in the area of insulin accessibility.

Last year, the State Legislature was unable to pass The Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act, a bill that would provide releif to diabetic Minnesotans who struggle to afford their insulin. However, this session’s Republican-controlled State Senate successfully passed the Alec Smith Act, which now sits with the House. This effort was lead by Republican Senator Jeff Howe, according to a press release from the Senate Republicans.

Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.