BLOG: Minnesota Legacy Fund Watch

Here are some of the proposed appropriations from Minnesota’s Legacy Fund:

  • $1.35 Million over 3 years for Ka Joog Fanka Somali arts and cultural heritage program, House File 967, Chief Author Rep Baker, R-Willmar.  The Ka Joog organization promotes itself as Minnesota’s youth advocacy organization and was recently invited to the White House to address issues of terrorism. This bill stipulates money must be used for their Fanka arts program as they look to expand such programs across the state. The bill has broad bipartisan backing including Republican Reps Miller, Urdahl and Knobloch.
  • $50,000 to the Minnesota China Friendship Garden society to plan and build a garden in St. Paul to promote a better understanding of China, House File 896, Chief Author Rep Mahoney (D-St. Paul)
  • $1 Million for teacher training to incorporate public television resources into the classroom , House File 1263, Chief Author, Rep Marquart, D-Dilworth$50,000 to preserve and promote the Minnesota State Band, House File 19, Chief Author Rep Kahn (D-Minneapolis) $47.4 Million for two years of funding to the Minnesota State Arts Board for grants to artists, $9 Million over two years for arts education and $3.6 Million over two years for arts events representing diversity House File 292, Chief Author Urdhal (R-Grove City)
Contributor Alpha News