MN Libertarian Presidential Debate Preview

On Saturday, April 16 Maple Grove will play host to a Libertarian Presidential Candidate Forum, in which several candidates will be given the opportunity to explain their views and make their case as to why they should be their party’s nominee.  The Forum begins at 11 am at the Cambria Suites Hotel in Maple Grove, and is in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota State Convention.  Three of the eleven candidates for President are participating in the debate: Gary johnson, Marc Feldman, and Shawna Sterling.

The number-one ranked candidate is Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 Libertarian Presidential nominee. Formerly a Republican, Johnson made his name as a businessman, and served as Governor from 1995-2003 where he vetoed more than 750 bills, effectively earning him the name “Governor Veto.” Johnson cut taxes fourteen times, and offers a business-minded approach to governing.  Johnson is the odds on favorite to win the party’s nomination, and even garners 11% of the vote in a perspective 2016 three-way race against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, according to a Monmouth University Poll. Johnson won Minnesota’s Super Tuesday caucuses by being approximately 75% of Minnesotans’ first choice.

Marc Feldman is a lesser known candidate for the party’s nomination, having never served in political office before.  He was an anesthesiologist for 11 years in Ohio, and like many others came to the Libertarian Party after becoming disillusioned with the two-party system.  Feldman pushes for fiscal conservatism, putting an end to corrupt politics, and lessening the power of the federal government. Despite low levels of name recognition, Feldman is hoping to “use low-cost advertising outlets like Youtube” to capture the attention of Libertarians across the country.

Finally, Shawna Sterling, a Kentucky pastoral counselor is running for the Libertarian Party’s Nomination and will also be participating in the forum.  Sterling’s educational background is in theology and educational psychology. According to her website she is,  “running for President of the U.S. to protect and defend the constitution and the rights of the people to live in peace and freedom.” Sterling separates herself from some of the other candidates by being pro-life, and her rigid advocacy against GMOs.

Although Johnson is the only recognizable name in the debate, the other participants are likely on the shortlist for Vice President. To hear more about the highlights of the April 16 candidate forum , make sure to subscribe to Alpha News.

Blake Kraussel