With nearly half of the $1.9 billion surplus spent, Dayton seeks more

In the final day of the legislative session, one thing looks clear:  There will be no tax relief for Minnesotans who pay some of the highest taxes in the country, despite a $1.9 billion taxpayer surplus.

Here’s where some of it is going: (no budget detail readily available)

  • $166 million for colleges and universities
  • $400 million for K-12
  • $111 million for judiciary/public safety
  • $38 million for agriculture
  • $30 million for transportation
  • $30 million for jobs/economic development
  • $10 million for state government/veterans affairs

In total, nearly $800 million has been spent and Governor Mary Dayton is stating he wants an additional $150 million for K-12, or he’ll veto the K-12 bill that passed late last night sending the legislature into a special session.  The Governor also wants $173 million to create half-day universal PreK, and an unspecified amount for various other state projects.

Legislators plan on holding $1 billion in budget reserves to spend next year, an election year.


Contributor Alpha News