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Minnesota’s Citizen Legislature? 40% of state senators don’t hold an outside job

According to the Minnesota legislature's website: "In Minnesota, members of the Legislature are "citizen legislators" and most have jobs outside the Legislature." Alpha News took a look at online biographies and candidate websites of Minnesota's sixty-seven state senators and found that while most do list employment outside of their legislative position, 40% do not.

Inequity in Rural and Urban Education Funding – Part Two

Part two of our investigative report on the inequity in rural and urban education funding in Minnesota

Inequity in Rural and Urban Education Funding – Part One

Part one of our investigative report on the inequity in rural and urban education funding in Minnesota

Alpha News Poll: What do you think about Sanctuary Cities in Minnesota?

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Tom Emmer lurches left, Who’s influencing the Congressman?

Editorial boards from Minnesota newspapers have praised freshman Congressman Tom Emmer for going rogue. By bucking his conservative base and providing a more moderate course for the state's 6th district, Emmer's becoming a Democrat's Republican, but the conversion leaves questions in the minds of Republican voters who elected him just eight months ago. In a non-scientific Facebook poll, Alpha News found that 49% were not satisfied with the performance of Congressman Emmer, 26% were satisfied and another 25% were undecided. Of those who responded, 59% said they voted for Emmer and 38% did not. When asked if they believed if Emmer was doing a better job than Michele Bachmann, 24% said Yes, 56% said No, and 20% were undecided.

Surprising Tom Emmer Facebook Poll Results

Check out our latest poll results on Congressman Tom Emmer. They might surprise you!

Alpha News Special Announcement

Alpha News Special Announcement

Southwest light rail line keeps moving, $100 million in new revenue needed to hit...

The Southwest Light Rail line (SWLRT) from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie was scheduled to start construction in 2014. When the Hennepin County Railway Authority approved the alignment in 2009 the project was projected to cost taxpayers $1.2 billion. Construction costs for the 16-mile line went from $1.25 billion in 2013, to $1.65 billion in 2014, to an estimated $2 billion.

Alpha News Report: Sunday Liquor Sales

Alpha News asks Minnesotans what they think about the sale of liquor on Sundays still being illegal, what do you think?

A Year In Review: Emmer, Peppin Discuss Triumphs and Tribulations with Young Republicans

The next generation of Republicans gathered Monday evening at the Maple Tavern for the Minnesota Young Republicans' Freedom Reception. Keynote speakers included United States Representative Tom Emmer and Minnesota State Representative and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin.