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What are we going into debt for? Silver Bay seeks $3 million for...

$4.6 million is the total cost for 100 campsites in Silver Bay, MN, the city says they're needed to bring in revenue. Here's a look at one of the $3.2 billion in bonding requests from around the state.

“I may regret posting this publicly” – Parks & Rec Board Member Publicly Posts...

A Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board Member posted late Wednesday evening that he has felt "felt physically unsafe by the aggressive words, tone and mannerisms of a single colleague" in the board room.

Minnesotans Weigh In On Light Rail Safety

With the third light rail death in the past month occurring earlier this week, Alpha News asks Minnesotans if they think the light rail...

Teen Sentenced in SPPS Central High School Teacher Assault

Teen accused of assaulting St. Paul Public Schools Central High School teacher sentenced to 90 days probation.

A Final Look at the SD35 Candidates: Abeler, Aplikowski Share Their Thoughts Before Next...

With less than a week until voters go to the polls for the Republican Primary, Alpha News takes a final look at the two candidates.

Another tragic death 5 years after audit found Minnesota’s light rail safety subpar

A third fatality caused by a Twin Cities light rail in less than a month train raises questions about whether the politics of light rail transit is being prioritized ahead of public safety.

Judge Denies ISD #833’s Motions for Dismissal in $96 Million Bond Election Contest

UPDATED: $96 Million Bond election contest back in court Monday, Jan. 4, 2016: Judge will heard arguments on ballots on January 4, 2016, and will have the decision to the parties by the end of the week.

Alpha News Year in Review

Alpha News takes a look back at our top stories from 2015 - Happy New Year!

Gun Owners Prepare to Oppose Upcoming Gun Control Measures

Minnesota gun owners are preparing to oppose Representative Kim Norton's gun control legislation in 2016

Petition Started to Recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Cano

Citizens have organized a Recall Petition on to recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Alondra Cano after she posted the personal information of constituents critical of her participation and support of the December 23, 2015 BLM protest at MOA and MSP.