Pro-Immigrant GOP Group Seeks to Affect 2016 Elections and Beyond

(photo via Café Con Leche GOP)

The 2016 election campaign has been anything but typical, mostly due to the fact that Donald Trump has taken the country by storm with electrifying rhetoric, a populist message, and an anti-Washington sentiment that is so popular among the American people.  Trump’s campaign began with attacks on the nation’s immigration system, when he referred to illegals as “rapists” and “murderers,” despite noting that some of them he presumes, are good people.

Trump’s comments haven’t sat well with many, especially within the immigrant population. One individual who has found Trump’s message repulsive is Bob Quasius from Marshall, Minnesota, Founder and President of Café Con Leche GOP, a conservative activism group that advocates for conservative principles and policies, and immigration reform.  Although Quasius and his organization are a part of the “Never Trump” movement, he was quick to note in an interview with Alpha News that he and his organization are also “Never Hillary,” and are alternatively looking at possibly endorsing former Governor of New Mexico and likely Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Gary Johnson.  “We view Gary Johnson as more of a Republican than Trump” asserted Quasius.

Quasius started Café Con Leche GOP eleven years ago, and is proud to note that it has spread to 13 different states.  The organization operates under a decentralized structure, in which leaders in each state make endorsements relevant to their state and do advocacy in their state, but adhere to the principles the organization as a whole represents.

Quasius says his organization seeks to serve as the middle man, between the GOP and immigrants, therefore seeking to educate the party on how they can better attract and understand immigrants, while at the same time seeking to educate immigrants on conservative principles and policies. Quasius believes the changing demographic structure of the United States means that Republicans must figure out ways to attract and retain immigrants, to ensure a prosperous future for the party.

When asked whether Café Con Leche GOP would consider supporting Trump in the wake of his recent behavior changes that depict less bombastic behavior, Quasius asserted, “NO,” arguing “that is like putting lipstick on a pig.”

Café Con Leche GOP and its leader are a part of a broader movement that is seeking to deny Trump the White House.  So far, organizations have failed to slow the Trump Train, and there are only a few months remaining before the nation elects its 45th President.