Senate Comms Specialist Blasts Fellow Republicans in Vegas Aftermath

By Dickelbers (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Dickelbers (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

St. Paul, Minn. – A communications worker for Senate Republicans in Minnesota advocated for strict gun control measures following the massacre at a county music festival in Las Vegas.

The tragedy left 58 people dead, and injured hundreds more over a period of just a few minutes. The shooter rained fire down on the concert goers from a high floor of a hotel building. It is the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in American history.

In its aftermath, many Democratic politicians used the tragedy as a platform from which to call for increased gun control measures. That behavior is apparently not reserved for those who generally lean towards the left side of things politically.

Jacob Schneider, a media relations specialist for Minnesota Senate Republicans, sent out two sharply worded tweets Monday morning criticizing people who push back against gun control measures.

“My god, ppl are dying in streets-is it really too much for my fellow GOPers to stomach that being able to own 40+ guns might be a problem?” Schneider wrote in one tweet, leading into a second. “And to be completely honest, I’d rather have a country where you can’t even get a gun than a country full of dead people.”

Those two tweets have since been deleted, but not before conservative activists had screenshotted and shared them across their own social media. Some people even called for Schneider to be fired, with Schneider replying in defense of his free speech and the big tent policies that is the Republican Party.

“The beauty of being a Republican is that our party allows for a very diverse set of beliefs, opinions, and worldviews,” he said in another tweet.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus has had its headaches getting Republicans to pass pro-Second Amendment legislation, but their concerns do not seem to have been affected in either direction by Schneider’s comments.

“While we have a number of concerns from the previous session about the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus’s willingness to advance gun rights legislation as they promised while campaigning, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & Political Action Committee has no public statement in regards to Mr. Schneider’s comments at this time,” caucus President Bryan Strawser told Alpha News.

Anders Koskinen