Sorority Will Accept Transgender Women as Members Nationally

Indianapolis, IN – In a letter and video to all members, the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority announced a policy change that will allow transgender women to join the sorority.

Alpha Chi Omega National President Angela Costley Harris sent the message out to members in mid-February. It is the first fraternity or sorority to accept transgender members nationally.

“Alpha Chi Omega exists to develop and empower strong women,” wrote Harris, “If we are to continue to live this important mission in today’s world, Alpha Chi Omega must be inclusive of all who live and identify as women, regardless of their gender assigned at birth.”

The sorority has received many questions regarding the status of transgender women from chapters across the country in recent months.

“We recognize that for some of our sisters, embracing this position means adopting a new mindset,” said Harris, “And as our understanding of gender identity evolves, so must Alpha Chi Omega.”

Alpha Chi Omega’s nondiscrimination position statement states that the organization is open to all women, “regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.” The policy change however does not allow people born as biological women who now identify as men to be members.

While Alpha Chi Omega is the first greek organization at the national level to accept transgender members, three fraternities and one sorority at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities already have policies allowing transgender members, reports the Minnesota Daily. This includes the Delta Lambda Phi fraternity, a “fraternity for gay, bi, transgender and progressive men.”

Anders Koskinen