State’s largest employer sends layoff notices to 9,500 employees today

The State of Minnesota is the largest statewide employer with over 40,000 employees. Today, 9,451 of them received a 30-day notice that they will be laid off if the legislature and Governor can’t pass a budget by July 1.

Less than half of the number of state employees affected in 2011 will be affected in 2015 since Governor Dayton vetoed three budget bills this time, instead of every budget bill in 2011.

If no budget is passed by the deadline, the process to determine which employees will stop working on July 1 will be exactly like the process in 2011.  Each agency will compile a list of what they consider to be critical services and the Management and Budget Office will work through a judge to determine who must stop working.

The affected employees will qualify for unemployment benefits.

Here’s the breakdown from the Minnesota Management and Budget Office:

Number of employees by agency that will receive a layoff notice on June 1

Perpich Center for Arts Education – 115

Department of Education – 405

Minnesota State Academies (Academy for the Blind, Academy for the Deaf) – 261

Department of Agriculture – 489

Minnesota Board of Animal Health – 43

Department of Natural Resources – 4294

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – 940

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources – 97

Department of Commerce – 351

Explore Minnesota Tourism – 57

Department of Employment and Economic Development – 1490

Minnesota Public Facilities Authority – 8

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals – 10

Department of Labor & Industry – 460

Public Utilities Commission – 56

Bureau of Mediation Services – 15

MN.IT Agency Staff (IT employees that support the agencies listed above) – 360

Total employees – 9,451

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