Two Winners! An Embarrassment Of Media Bias Riches From Local Media

We’re breaking the bank, readers, with two winning submissions of local media bias. The first submission credits that old standby of bias, the Star Tribune. The second, correctly, credits not only that stale newspaper but the rest of what passes for media around these parts.

The first rightly notes the wet kiss of an article by Maya Rao of the Star Tribune in a puff piece about Ellison that makes the skin crawl. Only a Regressive Left media could give cover to the far Left, Islamist, anti-semite Keith Ellison, something not even our national media did. This tells you a great deal about local media. The last thing you should do is take them seriously.

When submitting stories for the media bias award, we ask that you explain why you think the particular piece is biased. For the Ellison story, the winner quoted the headline of the Star Tribune: “Ellison, busy but restless, juggles congressional seat with political duties” 

They then added: “National media explores Ellison’s far more controversial activities, but the Strib takes the Mary Tyler Moore approach and wonders how he balances it all and what might be next.”

I can’t improve on that. Well done, Alpha News reader.

* * * *

The second winning entry noted our DFL local media’s silence concerning Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s high rate of staff turnover, which allowed national media to call her Washington’s worst boss. But maybe they’re not interested in the worst DC boss?

Wrong. When it was Michele Bachmann who was named the worst boss, local media were all over it, those brave Daniel Pearls. Here’s the Star Tribune’s coverage of the Bachmann story: Here’s their coverage of Klobuchar in the same situation:

Local rag City Pages likewise pounced on the Bachmann tittle:

No such pouncing by our principled Regressive Leftists this time about Klobuchar.

* * * *

National media are bad. Seventy five percent of Americans in a recent poll were said to believe that they produce fake news. The bad news for Minnesotans is that they are even better than our local news in covering some events, especially the ones concerning Minnesota. If you want to know the truth about Minnesota, read anything except local media.

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter