Voters will choose: One Minnesota or Healing Minnesota?

Today’s Republican Party feels more like yesterday’s Democrat Party. It includes farmers, miners, moms, and ministers, who care deeply about family, faith, freedom, and education. 

One Minnesota
Dr. Scott Jensen, left, and Gov. Tim Walz.

It’s show time tomorrow. In a high-stakes midterm election, Minnesota voters will choose between the DFL platform (One Minnesota) and the GOP platform (Healing Minnesota). I’m ready for the healing to begin.

It’s been a tough couple of years. Minnesota has been ground zero for a crime wave that’s swept the nation since George Floyd died. Our generally peaceful state is roiled by crime. In addition, we’re dealing with all sorts of damage inflicted by controversial and arbitrary COVID policies.

Amidst allegations of systemic racism, demoralized cops are relinquishing their badges, decimating our law enforcement ranks.

With fewer cops on patrol, grandmas, teenage girls, and moms with toddlers in car seats are regularly victimized by teenage carjackers who’ve learned they can ignore the law with minimal, if any, consequences.

In DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s “One Minnesota,” neighbors reported COVID policy violations on a snitch line; “peaceful protesters” blocked freeways; seniors were isolated from their families; and small business owners were prosecuted for trying to make a living.

And yet, a large network of fraudsters defrauded taxpayers, while allegedly feeding hungry children. We’re still waiting for a straight answer about when Walz learned about the $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud.

Under pressure from Walz’s biggest backer, the teachers union, public school kids were forced into online learning while their neighbors, who attended private and parochial schools, remained in their classrooms. Whether it’s behavior or academics, we’re seeing deeply concerning results, particularly for metro area students whose parents tend to vote Democrat.

With kids learning from home, parents learned how progressive education activists are more focused on sex education than reading, math, science, or critical thinking.

Parents remember how Walz barricaded playgrounds before forcing kids to wear masks while playing hockey. We all remember how he closed churches and fitness centers while liquor stores and casinos remained open.

Despite early promises of “following the science,” science succumbed to political agendas. With confidence in public health fractured, many parents are reluctant to follow vaccination schedules.

The hypocrisy of the bodily autonomy movement is on full display. “My body, my choice” applies to abortion without limits but not to vaccinations. Consequently, first responders, health care professionals, and National Guardsmen lost their jobs when they refused to take a novel vaccine.

Democrat policies have hit Americans’ bank accounts hard. The hot housing market cooled as interest rates doubled. Heating prices are rising as temperatures are dropping. We’re facing a diesel shortage and a potential rail strike. Record-high inflation will make for a lean Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

As progressives drive their policies, they’re fueling an exodus of voters from what has been the people’s party. They’re moving to the Republican Party because it better reflects their values.

Today’s Republican Party feels more like yesterday’s Democrat Party. It includes farmers, miners, moms, and ministers, who care deeply about family, faith, freedom, and education.

It’s not the stereotypical party of old white men who belong to the local country club and run the local bank. It includes immigrants and people of color who are changing allegiance as they recognize Democrat policies have failed to make their lives better.

Today’s Republican candidates bring fresh ideas and an openness to talking about them, while Democrats cancel people who disagree with what they say. Though they tout diversity, equity, and inclusion, Democrats reject diversity of opinion if it conflicts with their own.

Despite promises of transparency and accountability, Walz bristles at criticism and deflects tough questions. Apparently forgetting he works for us and must earn our vote, he bailed on the only debate that was televised in the metro area. His empty lectern broadcast a clear message.

In contrast, Walz’s opponent, Dr. Scott Jensen, and his running mate, Matt Birk, have taken tough questions from even the most unfriendly media outlets. Along with statewide candidates Jim Schultz, Ryan Wilson, and Kim Crockett, they’ve traversed the state, sharing a vision for healing Minnesota.

Republican candidates who stepped forward to serve, from the legislature to Congress and in between, promote values and policies which make Minnesota and America great places to live, work, and raise a family.

DFL policies have done the opposite. Under Democrat leadership our communities have become less safe. Our children have become less educated. Our bank accounts have dwindled.

Many lifelong Democrats say they’re voting Republican tomorrow. They’re angry about lockdowns, masking, and mandates; believe kids must attend school; want law and order; and believe a society will thrive when we raise, not lower, the bar. I hope they’ll get the Republicans across the finish line.

We need fresh leadership to put the brakes on the progressive movement; to bring in new voices and ideas, and to craft better policies, particularly regarding education. The One Minnesota platform has failed. It’s time to heal Minnesota.

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Caryn Sullivan

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