Adam Schwarze: Minnesota leaders must have the courage to say no to open borders

Millions of people will continue to suffer as long as Democrats encourage illegal immigration.

Juarez, Mexico, Nov. 15, 2022: Migrants from Venezuela cross the Rio Grande to surrender to Border Patrol. (David Peinado Romero/Shutterstock)

Our open borders have created a humanitarian crisis and human suffering that most would picture in third-world countries, and sadly, it’s coming to our own backyard right here in Minnesota.

As a former Navy SEAL and U.S. Marine who has served in some of the most volatile regions across the globe, I have seen first-hand the grim reality of open borders and the devastating ways that people are abused and taken advantage of. Migrants, often women and children, are forced by drug cartels to carry drugs, raped, robbed, held captive, or even lose their lives as they fall victim to human traffickers and cartels.

During my nine deployments to over 90 countries, I’ve seen the horrors inflicted upon vulnerable individuals who fall victim to human traffickers. Whether it’s in conflict zones in Somalia or unstable countries like Yemen, the tactics remain eerily similar: coercion, deception, and exploitation.

Now, we are seeing similar situations play out across our country. Since President Biden took office, more than nine million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border, including 1.8+ million known “gotaways” who escaped past U.S. Border Patrol agents and entered into our country. We are seeing a humanitarian crisis play out right before our eyes.

Unfortunately, the crisis only continues to grow worse in 2024. In January, 8,523 unaccompanied children were encountered at the southern border. Oftentimes, these children are placed with strangers they are not related to without any follow-up from the U.S. government, causing concerns of sexual assault and abuse. Many children often work illegally in modern-day sweatshops to make ends meet. The system is flawed. Last year, a Department of Labor report found that children in Minnesota were working in dangerous factories and meatpacking plants. This right here is modern-day slavery playing out in Minnesota.

Today, there are over 80,000 illegal immigrants in Minnesota and the Gopher State plays host to the largest number per capita of refugees in the United States. Unfortunately, Minnesota’s far-left governor, Tim Walz, and even more progressive lawmakers are now admitting the quiet part out loud and saying that we shouldn’t be “wasting resources” on enforcing our border laws.

Yet, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation just last year that allows free healthcare and free college tuition for illegal immigrants. Now they want to go even further and make Minnesota a sanctuary state and stop local and state agencies from working with federal immigration authorities.

Just to be clear — the Democrats’ progressive plan is to allow illegal immigrants to face some of the worst horrors in the world, including being preyed on and abused by cartels and human traffickers. That’s not compassion or a solution.

We are seeing the effects of illegal immigration in our schools, on the grocery shelves, through a lack of affordable housing, and a lack of social services. It is a problem in Minnesota and residents have been clear that they want a secure border.

The Minnesota Legislature is focusing on stopping and deterring federal resources aimed at enforcing immigration laws. Our country needs to start enforcing consequences on those trying to enter our country illegally, not give them a phone, credit card, and a notice to appear before a judge years later.

Here in Minnesota, we need leaders who lead with compassion — even when it means saying no for the good of the Gopher State. We should not be encouraging people to come here knowing that there are no resources for them and they fall victim to hazardous conditions and poverty.

On a federal level, we must adopt a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes driving migration, enhances law enforcement efforts to dismantle trafficking networks, and provides robust support services for survivors.

As a nation founded on principles of justice and liberty, we cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering unfolding at our doorstep. We must summon the courage to confront this scourge head-on to protect the most vulnerable among us. Millions of people will continue to suffer as long as Democrats encourage illegal immigration.

Adam Schwarze is a 21-year veteran and Navy SEAL who has served nine deployments in over 90 countries. He is a Minnesota native.


Adam Schwarze

Adam Schwarze is a 21-year veteran and Navy SEAL who has served nine deployments in over 90 countries. He is a Minnesota native.