Address Records, Photos Adds To Growing List Of Evidence Indicating Omar Married Her Brother

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Leopaltik1242

Evidence indicating Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar married her brother continues to stack up.

David Steinberg of PJ Media has uncovered official address records and yearbook photos that point towards the conclusions that Omar married her brother, potentially committing several felonies including immigration and student loan fraud.

Since 2016, Alpha News has been following a trail of evidence that suggests Omar may have married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. The two were married in 2009 and later divorced in 2017. Prior to marrying Elmi, Omar had married another man, Ahmed Hirsi, by Islamic ceremony in 2002. Omar said she was never legally married to Hirsi.

When the questions surrounding Omar’s marriage history first arose, Omar claimed she ended her relationship with Hirsi in 2008, the year before marrying Elmi. Two years later in 2011, Omar then divorced Elmi “in our faith tradition” and reconnected with Hirsi. However, Omar did not pursue legally divorcing Elmi until many years later, during which she appeared to commit perjury by lying about her last known contact with Elmi. During this time Omar publicly identified Ahmed Hirsi as her cultural husband and father of her children.

Despite Omar maintaining the whole situation was simply a difficult time in her private life, official address records obtained by Steinberg research suggests Omar never separated from her first husband Hirsi.

In 2009, Omar and her new husband Elmi moved to Fargo, North Dakota to attend North Dakota State University (NDSU). They both attended NDSU from 2009-2011, which Omar has identified as the duration of their marriage.

However, the address records obtained by Steinberg shows Hirsi, Omar’s first husband that she allegedly culturally divorced, moved to Fargo with Omar and Elmi. Omar, Hirsi, and Elmi were all recorded at living at the same apartment at the same time — there was no “break” for Omar and her first husband.

“We have found that Rep. Omar’s first claim — that she and Ahmed Hirsi underwent an Islamic divorce “to end [their] relationship” in 2008 — can not be reconciled with their official address records,” Steinberg wrote for PJ Media.

Omar herself even admitted that Hirsi moved to Fargo with her. In a 2013 article in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, Omar is said to have moved to Fargo to finish her bachelor’s degree.

“After having started their daughter, Isra, in kindergarten in Minneapolis, Omar and her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, moved to North Dakota so that Omar could finish her bachelor’s degree in political science,” the article reads.

Omar has refused to answer questions regarding her marriage history, calling the claims that she married her brother “disgusting lies.” However, new evidence uncovered by David Steinberg of PJ Media further supports the belief that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was indeed Omar’s brother.

Steinberg has also obtained official school records from St. Paul Public Schools that show an “Ahmed N. Elmi” was enrolled as a senior at Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota from September 2002 to June 2003. Ahmed N. Elmi graduated in June 2003 with a diploma.

Steinberg reports that the enrollment record lists Ahmed N. Elmi’s date of birth as April 4, 1985–the same date of birth listed on Omar’s marriage documents and divorce proceedings for Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Federal and state law prevents St. Paul Public Schools from releasing further details about Ahmed N. Elmi, including parents/legal guardians or address. However, Steinberg contacted several members of the Class of 2003 who identified Elmi’s father as Nur Said Elmi Mohamed–the same man Omar identifies as her father.

More recently, Steinberg uncovered yearbook photos that continues to confirm the “Ahmed N. Elmi” is the same individual Omar later married. As Steinberg notes, “the resemblance to the man in the  London photos — which originated on Rep. Omar’s Instagram account — is obvious.”

Credit: David Steinberg of PJ Media

After originally being called out on the issue in 2016, Omar scrubbed her social media of incriminating photos. However, several comments and “likes” from Omar remained on photos “AhmedNElmi” posted on social media. In recent months, Omar appears to have deleted all comments and retracted any likes on Elmi’s social media posts, according to screenshots from Steinberg. The social media interaction is in direct conflict to what Omar claimed, under oath, in her divorce papers.

Steinberg has repeatedly reached out to Omar for comment with no response.

Christine Bauman