After Democrat Attacks, There Is A Shortfall of Toys for Minnesota Families In Need

Salvation Army is facing a shortfall of $350,000 in the Twin Cities. 

Salvation Army

Leftwing groups have been engaging in a coordinated campaign against the Salvation Army and other Christian Charities. Well funded leftwing interests have targeted both donors and even volunteers for Salvation Army which has resulted in needy Twin Cities families receiving less help.

Even homosexual volunteers are being targeted after Gay Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg began to get attacked for volunteering in collecting donations for the needy via the Christian Charity.

Additionally, far-left groups like GLAAD have targeted corporations including Chick Fil A that would normally donate to Salvation Army.

Star Tribune is now reporting that the Salvation Army is facing a shortfall of $350,000 in the Twin Cities.

People can still donate online at, or donate by going to one of the drop of a of centers found here


Alpha News Staff