AG Keith Ellison responds to Alpha News documentary ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’

Ellison said he has not seen the film but called it "partisan propaganda" that is "not factually based."

Left: Liz Collin/Alpha News; Right: Attorney General Keith Ellison/Minnesota Attorney General's Office

After being pressed on the documentary during an interview by a Fargo reporter, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison responded to “The Fall of Minneapolis” for what appears to be the first time since the film’s release.

Scott Hennen, host of the radio show “What’s On Your Mind,” asked Ellison about the documentary during a public forum on the cost of living last week.

In the interview, Attorney General Ellison admitted he has not seen the documentary that’s been viewed more than five million times but told Hennen it’s “propaganda.”

“I have not seen it,” Ellison said. “My opinion is that it’s not factually based … I think that it is partisan propaganda.”

Hennen also questioned why so much of the body camera footage was not used in Derek Chauvin’s trial, as “The Fall of Minneapolis” details.

“In America, you have the right to counsel because your counsel is going to be a vigorous, zealous advocate for your case. I have to assume that if [defense attorney] Eric Nelson did not put that video in, it’s because it didn’t help his client. Unless you’re going to say he’s incompetent. The judge made sure the trial was fair. It was all on television, everyone in the world saw the trial,” said Ellison, whose office led the prosecution of Chauvin.

Documentary producer Liz Collin and director Dr. JC Chaix responded to the attorney general’s comments to that Fargo reporter in the latest episode of Liz Collin Reports.

“If this was the violent murder that he claimed it to be, why did we not have more of this direct evidence, police body worn camera? Why was there not more of that evidence in this trial? Why did the prosecution not present this? Instead, they focused on exhibit 17, a still frame photograph of Derek Chauvin in a position that they wanted to present that fits their narrative,” Chaix said.

“It’s interesting in an hour and 40-minute film that the last several minutes are nothing but references. And yet we’re being accused of this partisan propaganda operation when we’re doing exactly the opposite. You can go to the Hennepin County court records, you can watch the bodycam footage. If that is what propaganda is nowadays, we have a much bigger problem to address,” Chaix added.

Ellison also mentioned how he wished that “everyone concerned” would have been interviewed in the documentary.

Collin pointed out how she asked for months to speak to the attorney general for her book “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” which the documentary is based on. Her requests were declined. Alpha News has again reached out for an interview. We have yet to hear back.

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