Alleged Daunte Wright victim dies from complications at 19 years old 

"It is clear Caleb's tragic death was caused by the criminal conduct of Daunte Wright," attorney Mike Padden told Fox News.

Daunte Wright Caleb
Caleb Livingston/Fox News

One of Daunte Wright’s alleged victims died over the weekend at the age of 19, an attorney for the young man’s family told Fox News Monday.

Wright was killed by former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter during an April 2021 traffic stop when she mistakenly fired her gun instead of her Taser. About two years earlier, Wright allegedly shot then 16-year-old Caleb Livingston in the head at a Full Stop gas station in Minneapolis.

As children, Livingston’s first ever sleepover was at Wright’s house, according to a civil lawsuit Livingston’s mother previously filed against Wright’s estate. The two eventually had a falling out, and Livingston beat up Wright in front of a group of people. This could have served as Wright’s motivation for shooting his former friend, the lawsuit claims.

The bullet wound left Livingston permanently disabled. He was unable to walk or take care of himself after he developed a condition called unresponsive wakefulness syndrome, according to Fox News. A family attorney told the outlet that Livingston died Sunday of complications stemming from his injuries.

“It is clear Caleb’s tragic death was caused by the criminal conduct of Daunte Wright,” attorney Mike Padden told Fox News. “As such, in the near future, we will be amending our complaint to note that the case is a matter of wrongful death as opposed to personal injury.”

Wright’s estate has been sued by at least two other alleged victims. In one case, a woman claimed Wright choked her and robbed her at gunpoint. Wright was wanted on an active firearms warrant and was facing pending armed robbery charges at the time of his death, Fox News reports.

In the other case, Wright allegedly carjacked a man named Joshua Hodges after his accomplice shot Hodges in the leg.

Attorneys for Wright’s family called the civil lawsuits “character assassination” in a statement to Fox News.

Potter was found guilty of manslaughter in connection to Wright’s death and sentenced to 16 months in prison.


Anthony Gockowski

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