(Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Monday night at the Capitol the Constitutional deadline for a midnight end of session was met with legislators speed reading, voting on unread bills, and shouting to be heard. Despite the controversial and hasty finish the two bodies were able to send a complete budget to Governor Mark Dayton’s desk, who has said he will veto any budget that does not meet his demands to fund a universal pre-k program for all Minnesota four year olds.

Speaker Kurt Daudt and House Minority Leader Representative Paul Thissen held a press conference today to discuss this year’s legislation and the likely upcoming special session, giving very different messages.

Speaker Daudt boasted of the legislature sending a bipartisan bill passed by both houses to Governor Dayton. Representative Thissen, however, stated that Speaker Daudt’s idea of a legislature standing against the Governor is false, and that the special session is an opportunity to, “hit the reset button.”

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Footage provided by Minnesota House of Representatives.