Post-Debate Poll Results

MINNEAPOLIS, M.N.– On Tuesday, Alpha News created an online poll to see what our readers thought about Monday Night’s first presidential debate.

Well, the poll numbers are in! Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton received some votes in our poll, but not enough to stop Donald Trump.

When our 146 participants were asked who they thought won the debate, Trump received 109 votes (75%), Clinton gained 25 votes (17%), and 12 people (8%) said neither candidate won.


Most people surveyed watch the full debate (77.8%) and are very likely to vote (93.8%).

Only 7.6% of individuals changed their opinions of candidates Monday night.

Readers said their top five issues for the night were candidate integrity, immigration, controlling the national debt, job creation, and the second amendment.


Thank you to all of those who participated in our poll and we look forward to hearing from you during and after the next debate.

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Alpha News Staff
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