Alpha News talks to protesters both for and against Planned Parenthood, as well as a candidate for the MN House of Representatives at the third round of protests.

Amy was part of a smaller group of about ten who stood to support Planned Parenthood, telling us, “So my mom and I wrote our signs supporting Planned Parenthood because they do so many good things for lower income people and provide education and contraception, and it’s needed. So in our opinion it doesn’t make sense to de-fund an organization like that”

Kathy, like most of the several hundred protesters in attendance, called for an investigation in to Planned Parenthood, stating, “Why should Planned Parenthood not be investigated if we want to care about women, and babies?”

Several Minnesota lawmakers were in attendance, as well as Don Lee – a candidate for District 52B in Inver Grove Heights, who told us his position on Planned Parenthood, saying, “Whatever standards we have, I think Planned Parenthood is breaking them. So I think, should it be investigated? Yes. Should it be singled out? No.”

According to Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries, his organization will be focusing on a “40 Days For Life ” event outside Planned Parenthood. Governor Dayton has stated he will not call for an investigation.

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