Law enforcement officials continue to speak out against the legislature’s inability to pass new data privacy laws. Earlier this week Alpha News reported on police body cameras and their implementation in Minnesota and the issues surrounding the privacy of that data – Thursday evening Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart shared his opinion on the topic with a group of local Tea Partiers, stating, “I’d probably have them on our deputies now if the legislature had their act together with what is public data and what isn’t – but I’m not willing to put them on the officers as long as all of your privacy is still subject to being put on the internet that night, that’s not right to you…”

Also speaking to the group is Tom Erickson – a long-time national lobbyist – who shared his first-hand accounts of the power money has in politics and addressing the issues surrounding campaign finance. Erickson says campaign finance reform would, “change the attitude of the politicians” citing Representative Tom Emmer as a reference, “…and if all of a sudden they had to re-concentrate… if Emmer had to all of a sudden say, ‘Holy cats I have to start focusing on what my people really want, what did they send me there for?’ – but it’s not only him specifically, I don’t mean to pick on him, it’s all of them… it would just be a culture shift of huge huge proportion…”

When asked to vote, almost all in attendance expressed their support for Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President. Businessman Donald Trump currently leads the National polls, but Public Policy Polling shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leads in Minnesota. Our subscribers chose Florida Senator Marco Rubio as the winner of the first primary debate.


Republican Representative Pat Garofalo is catching heat for tweeting out Wednesday night, I’m NOT saying I want a meteorite to hit CHS field. But IF it did right now during #CatVidFest – it wouldn’t be the worst time for it.” Representative Garofalo refers to a festival that took place at the Saint Paul Saint’s new stadium Wednesday night that had over thirteen thousand people, including children, in attendance. MPR reported on this issue Thursday but so far Garofalo seems to stand by his comments.