Alpha News Writer Joins Hard-Hitting New Show

The Black Republican, Black Democrat Show brings on Preya Samsundar to discuss controversial news

Minneapolis, MN – A unique political radio show that made its way on air in January of 2017 will now be featuring Alpha News writer Preya Samsundar.

The Black Republican, Black Democrat Show is hosted by conservative Donald Allen and the “supporter of everything Democrat” Jamar Nelson. Allen is an educator, small business owner, and editorial columnist. Nelson is the publisher of Black Politics in MN and regular contributor to Twin Cities News Talk. In their debut episode, host Jamar Nelson says they created the program to bring the black perspective to a multitude of political issues.

Alpha News’ own Preya Samsundar was invited to join the team as a “revolving reporter” – making regular appearances to discuss the latest stories from Alpha News.

“The Black Republican Black Democrat show is a great example of what political discussion and discourse should look like in today’s political world” said Samsundar, “I’m honored that Don [Allen] and Jamar [Nelson] thought to bring me on weekly to discuss news and local issues affecting Minnesotans. I’m excited to be part of the Black Republican Black Democrat (BLBD) family and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. These guys are definitely a riot!”

Host Donald Allen tells Alpha News the show regularly features “high-profile political candidates,” as well as call-in discussions with MSNBC co-host Raul Reyes.

The show airs on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130, FM 103.5 on Saturdays at 6pm CST.

Julia Erynn