Amanda Hughes: Lies from the left about abortion

Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it is right or healthy.

Pro-life students protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court (Students for Life of America/Facebook)

The attacks from the left tell a woman she cannot be called a mother, but that is what defines me, brings me immense joy, and is my life purpose in this season. To suggest I am a “birthing person” diminishes my role in my family to just a person who pushed a baby out — rejecting my gender, my fertility, and my relationships within my family. I am a mother.  Women find value in motherhood.

The attacks from the left tell women their unborn baby is not a baby, but a clump of cells, cells that form tissue, which forms a human with unique DNA that will never be formed again — a person who cannot be remade or replaced; a person made in the image of God for a special purpose, which cannot be fulfilled if killed. Women who are mothers are always thinking of the kind of future we want to leave for the next generation and how our children will impact it.

The attacks from the left against the unborn not only stop a beating heart but diminish the sacred importance of a woman being used by God to create life, life to be nurtured and loved. I am offended at the suggestion that women want nothing more than to kill the innocent. Women are better than that. Women are intrinsically nurturers, not murderers.

The attacks from the left on the unborn leave growing, vulnerable humans dismembered, poisoned, and torn from a place where life flourishes. Women reject violence against the innocent.

The attacks from the left diminish the innate function women have to protect the most vulnerable among us. Watch any nature show and you’ll see a mother lion protect her young. Try taking a hike on any of Minnesota’s wonderful hiking trails and note the fear you experience when you come upon a mother bear and her cubs. Women are fierce protectors.

The attacks from the left intend to confuse women. To be pregnant means that your body is normal and healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, 10-15% of couples are infertile. They have reproductive health challenges.  Abortion isn’t reproductive health, it is reproductive death. The left attempts to disorient us with language like “women’s health.” A healthy woman can get pregnant. That isn’t a problem. We must be clear: women don’t intend to kill and our focus isn’t to kill. Women want to feel safe. Women want to have opportunity. Women want our families to be healthy.

The attacks from the left do not lift women up. In fact, women who have abortions have higher rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and suicide. Abortion kills the unborn and it kills women. If it doesn’t kill you, it can make you infertile or struggle the rest of your life with mental health challenges because you are now a mother of a dead baby. Don’t lie to us. It is a baby inside of her and she knows that with every fiber of her being. Women know.

The attacks from the left take advantage of women. Women considering abortions are often desperate. And just because it is legal doesn’t mean it is right or healthy. A woman with an unplanned pregnancy needs other women to come alongside her to help her find solutions that support and encourage her and her baby to both reach their full potential. Women are so good at helping other women be confident and brave. Our fellow women have answers, are encouragers, and have foresight.

Have you ever watched a baby being born? If you haven’t seen it personally, there are plenty of TV shows you can watch and take the journey with a couple. How many times have we heard new fathers, with tears streaming down their faces, sharing not only their great joy in their new baby but how incredibly impressed they are with how strong their wives are? Women not only grow people inside us who are not us, but we miraculously birth them as we blossom into motherhood. A great calling, and true joy. Women are amazing!


Amanda Hughes

Amanda Hughes lives in northwestern Minnesota with her husband, Dave, and their seven children including one through adoption.