Author documents ‘medical murders’ and the ‘nurses who fought back’ in new book 

McCarthy details in his book the censorship and retaliation nurses faced for speaking out.  

The author of “What the Nurses Saw,” Ken McCarthy, joined Liz Collin Reports to discuss what he documented. (Courtesy photo)

A new book examines the nation’s COVID-19 protocols and those who were censored and silenced for speaking out against them. The author of “What the Nurses Saw,” Ken McCarthy, joined Liz Collin Reports to discuss what he documented.

McCarthy is known as an educator, entrepreneur, and internet commercialization pioneer.

He describes the book as “an investigation into the systemic medical murders that took place in hospitals during the COVID panic and the nurses who fought back to save their patients.”

On the podcast, McCarthy talked about how he knew in the winter of 2020 that something seemed off with the COVID story the public was being fed.

“The news was coming out of China and anybody that thinks the news coming out of China is straight is profoundly misled. Second, the news was coming out of China and through the U.S. mainstream news media. Anybody that thinks any story that comes on those screens can be trusted is misled,” McCarthy said as he reflected on the early months of the pandemic.

“There were videos of people falling over in the street and people going into contortions on hospital gurneys. That has nothing to do with respiratory disease. So, the whole thing, it struck me as an early winter vaccine promo for the flu shot,” he added.

McCarthy said people he interviewed for the book also expressed concern about who was showing up to work in hospitals.

“There was a weird legal thing that took place. If you’re a doctor in another country and you move to the U.S. and you want to practice medicine, you must jump through 10 million hoops before you’re allowed to do that. They waived all that. So, anybody who could pretend to have an MD anywhere in the world, and these people were not vetted very well, were shipped to the United States to work in these COVID hospitals. Many of them were not even ICU doctors. You cannot jump into an ICU unit without training. Just like you can’t go to a podiatrist to get open heart surgery. These are specialties. They require special education, special supervision,” McCarthy said.

“What the Nurses Saw” is available on Amazon. (Courtesy photo)

“Then they made the whole thing a liability-free zone. So, theoretically at least, anything that happened in those hospitals was OK,” he added.

McCarthy also pointed out how important respiratory therapists were, noting that “for one entire floor of 300 patients, there was just one.”

“When I talked with respiratory therapists, they say you need about one respiratory therapist for every two to eight patients,” he added.

McCarthy also details in his book the censorship and retaliation nurses faced for speaking out.

“There was also a search and destroy mission for these nurses after they quit, those that stayed vocal. In Canada, they were buried. In fact, Canadian Frontline Nurses has basically, this wonderful organization, has been put out of business functionally by a mountain of government-originated lawsuits,” McCarthy said.

“There was the lack of skilled personnel, which was enabled by allowing any and all people with any kind of a piece of paper to work in ICUs. They were paid lavishly. The rate for a contract nurse in New York City was $10,000 a week. So, who knows what the doctors were paid. So, you had very poor supervision, very poor personnel, [and] an uncaring attitude by a lot of the people,” McCarthy added.

Alpha News has reported on nurse whistleblowers in the past. That includes Gail McCray who was a nurse in California at the time of the pandemic.

She told Alpha News she always wanted to trust organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Medical Association, but she “came to believe that the practices they were mandating equated to medical murder.”

Another nurse, Jenna Hadley Johnson, spoke out after her own father died due to COVID. He was left alone to die and put on a ventilator without consent at a Twin Cities hospital, Johnson said.

“If we look at some simple numbers, over one million people supposedly died of COVID in the United States, that’s their official record. Well, one thing we know for sure is of the people they said died of COVID, over 92% of them died in a hospital,” McCarthy said.

“I don’t see this story getting out there like it should. That’s why I wrote the book. You know, if nobody writes the history, it didn’t happen,” he added.

“What the Nurses Saw” is available on Amazon.



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