Author of new book on Marxism in schools says US in ‘national danger’

Colleges and universities educating and licensing teachers took up Marxist teaching in the early '90s, Lindsay said, and now are "completely repurposed" to "brainwash."

Dr. James Lindsay is an expert in the “Marxification” of the U.S. education system, and he joined Liz Collin this week to discuss the ways education has gone downhill in the last 30 years. (Alpha News)

Popular author and commentator Dr. James Lindsay joined Liz Collin on her podcast this week to discuss the deterioration of America’s education system over the last 30 years.

Lindsay’s new book, “The Marxification of Education,” examines the left’s “theft” of the education system. He has been touring the country and world speaking to audiences about this topic and will be in Minnesota Oct. 11 for an event hosted by the Child Protection League.

Lindsay, an expert in Cultural Marxism with a Ph.D. in mathematics, first encountered “feminist rhetoric and argumentation” taking over spaces when he was involved in online discussion forums years ago. He began to ask where these arguments came from and was sent several academic articles on systematic feminism from those he was arguing with.

“Something’s really wrong here, and so I started to study it,” Lindsay said.

He and a few like-minded friends realized that feminism and gender studies were “ripe for an academic hoax,” he said.

“So we wrote a fake academic article. It was called ‘The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct,’” Lindsay explained.

The article was “kind of” accepted by an academic journal, so the group wrote 20 more fake articles to prove their point, several of which were officially accepted and published by academic journals — that is, until the hoax was discovered, and the articles withdrawn.

“In the process of that, I learned that what’s happening in academic literature could be very dangerous to Western civilization if our institutions are taking it seriously,” Lindsay said. “Well, here we are six years later, our institutions have very definitely taken it very seriously, and we are in, I think, national danger.”

Lindsay believes the education system is, “for all intents and purposes, already lost.” It’s not driven by the same ideas that it was 30 years ago, he said.

Colleges and universities educating and licensing teachers took up Marxist teaching in the early ‘90s, Lindsay said, and now are “completely repurposed” to “brainwash.”

The brainwashing is mostly focused around conflict in society and identity issues, but is concerned with environmentalism and other issues as well, according to Lindsay.

“We have to get that back to save our kids and protect our society,” he said.

In Minnesota, only 52 percent of kids can read at grade level. Lindsay said there are no schools in the U.S. that give him hope for the education system.

“Minnesota by all means is not the worst … but it’s not going in the right direction,” he said.

In every state he goes to, and Minnesota will be the 43rd, he sees the corruption in the education system.

Masters of manipulation

Lindsay admitted that leftists are “masters of manipulating language” and spoke to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

“They will lay a narrative and they will therefore control the framing around an issue,” he said. “Then they force everybody to use that framing by making it so ubiquitous that for me to reference that bill in Florida, it almost requires me to say ‘the one that they call the Don’t Say Gay bill,’ and then to reinforce their idea which is not even present in the bill.”

Another technique is using double-meaning words, like “inclusion” or “diversity,” which people are tricked into agreeing with conceptually.

The left’s ultimate goal is power, Lindsay told Collin.

“What they honestly believe is that we can have a much more perfect society, or even an ideal society, if people like them hold all the power, or people who don’t think like them are completely excluded from power.”

And anything that prevents this will be “destroyed,” he said — for example, if they can’t control your career by making you get a vaccine, they will instead destroy your career.

Most important for parents is to protect their kids, whether this means homeschooling or simply being very involved.

“Family dinner needs to come back, your kids need to be having dinner with you, talking, no devices, get their friends over, talking about values, issues,” he said.

The left wants to “capture the schools of education,” from teachers to students, and in this way, they will “capture the future,” Lindsay explained.

“They know that the youth will be the decider in terms of what the next generation of society looks like.”

Dr. James Lindsay can be found on X at @conceptualjames or @newdiscourses, as well as on his website He’ll be speaking in Anoka on Oct. 11.



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