Bikers to Place 1,300 flags At Fort Snelling Cemetery

“COVID or no COVID we will never forget our Veterans and what they sacrificed.”

Photo by jkmoller11--1441657
Photo by jkmoller11--1441657

Bikers for 45 Minnesota, a group supporting President Trump, announced their plans to place over 1,300 flags at the Fort Snelling Cemetery in MN.

Bikers for 45 Minnesota’s flag-placing event took place on Saturday, May 23rd. In attendance was MN House of representatives candidate Sia Lo, and over 100 members of the group, who encouraged members of the public to join as well. Fort Snelling canceled their own event to place flags, which usually places around 200,000, so the Bikers for 45 took their place. On the official event being canceled Vice President of the biker group said “… we decided to honor our Heros and remember them.”

“COVID or no COVID we will never forget our Veterans and what they sacrificed,” wrote Vice President of the group, Emily Hartigan-Stein.

Bikers for 45 Minnesota is one of 50 state groups that support President Trump and work to help him get reelected. With over 460 members, the group aims to campaign not only for Trump but for other Pro-Trump politicians and host events for people to get involved.

Oher groups have canceled similar events, but Bikers 45 Minnesota decided that honoring the fallen was too important to avoid. Hartigan-Stein stated that the group will probably make the event an annual occasion.


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Judah Torgerud

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