Black America & Bernie Sanders: A Forum – Hosted by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

MINNEAPOLIS, MN   Bernie Sanders, in partnership with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, is in the Twin Cities for “Black America a Forum with Bernie Sanders” at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis.  The free event no longer has tickets available, but people interested in attending viewing parties have a large variety of locations from which to choose, including the offices of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, the Minnesota Science Museum, the U of M Morris and as far away as Chicago.  The event will also be live-streamed on The Uptake (link) starting at 4:30pm this afternoon.

NOC bernie event

Bernie Sanders has made several campaign appearances in Minnesota since announcing his presidential run last April.  After coming in strong against Clinton in the Iowa caucuses and then winning the New Hampshire primaries with over 60% of the vote, he is turning his attention to South Carolina and the upcoming “Super Tuesday” caucuses on March 1, of which Minnesota is one of the 15 states holding either a Democrat, Republican or both caucus that day.

Wooing African-Americans away from Hillary Clinton is essential for Sanders to win the Democratic nomination.  Sanders met with the Reverand Al Sharpton earlier this week, and today’s Forum is also another way he is reaching out to African-American voters.

Alpha News has been researching the commonalities between Sanders’ socialist platform and many of the groups – Black Lives Matter, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, etc. – ideologies and goals and will begin a series early next week: stay tuned.


Andrea Mayer-Bruestle