BLM activists block traffic outside courthouse, force people to honk: ‘We’re not gonna let you through’

When drivers refused to honk their horns “for justice,” protesters stood in the middle of traffic to prevent those cars from passing through.

Protesters stand in the street. Twitter/@AlexBelser

Black Lives Matter protesters have reportedly blocked traffic outside the Hennepin County Government Center and forced people to honk their horns “for justice.”

Beginning on the first day of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, BLM activists took to the streets to demand “honks for justice” from passing cars, as seen in a Fox News video.

Black Lives Matter protesters stand in the street. Twitter/Alex Belser

When drivers refused to honk their horns, protesters prevented those cars from passing through.

Some cars turned around to avoid the crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, who shouted, “You can honk, or you can turn around.”

“We’re not gonna let you through,” they chanted until cars honked, at which point they were allowed to pass.

Activists yelled through megaphones, and one can be heard saying to a driver who refuses to honk, “You got white privilege? That’s what you got? You can’t even honk your horn? All you gotta do is honk your horn, lady.”

“How hard was that?” the protester said when the woman eventually laid on her horn.

A Black Lives Matter protester made it clear early this week that “all hell will break loose” if Chauvin is not convicted of murder.

Black Lives Matter Minnesota has also released a list of demands that calls for Chauvin’s conviction and imprisonment.


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