Convention Cries: Representative Emmer’s Absence Felt at SD31 Convention

Nowthen, Minnesota

Local citizens of Senate District (SD) 31 expressed anger at U.S. Representative Tom Emmer’s appointed representative, Zach Freimark, during the GOP convention last Saturday.  Representative Emmer, who cancelled his speaking event at the convention to take part in the anniversary events of the Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama, sent a pre-recorded video apologizing for his absence as well as a personal representative to answer questions.

After several attendees communicated their frustration with Representative Emmer’s absence, State Central Delegate from SD 31 Dwight McCullough heckled, “Zach, what did you do to deserve to have to be here today?”  Freimark responded, “I’m here today because we want to be here for you, to be here for the people.”

McCullough continued, “We need people in Washington and St. Paul with spine, who will stand up for Constitutional principles… and when that is not done they are no longer doing what they are called to do.”

There were about thirty attendees on Saturday with many of Representative Emmer’s constituents wanting to confront him personally about a number of issues, including his vote for Speaker John Boehner and his more recent vote to fully fund President Obama’s Executive amnesty program via the Department of Homeland Security budget.

President of the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance, Jack Rogers, addressed the Congressman’s absence in a formal statement after the convention, “We’re deeply disappointed that Tom Emmer chose to cancel on us at the last minute.  If he wanted to show support for the 50th anniversary of the Selma March, he could have joined us, his constituents, in the St. Paul commemorative event.”

Contributor Alpha News