Bloomington ‘all-ages’ Pride event features Satanist pornographer 

A drag queen scheduled to perform for children later this month in Bloomington has publicly expressed his support for Satanism.

Background: Bloomington City Hall/Facebook. Left: The Lady Martina/Facebook.

Warning: This article contains sexually explicit content that some readers may find disturbing. 

Some Bloomington residents are raising concerns about an upcoming gay pride celebration because one of the drag queens who was booked for an “all-ages” performance appears to be an amateur porn star who worships Satan.

The city’s August 14 Pride event will feature performances from several drag queens, including a “story hour and show” with Martina Marraccino. Children are the usual target audience of “drag queen story hours” and an advertisement for the event says “all ages” are welcome.

Marraccino’s public Facebook page, listed under the name “The Lady Martina,” includes several pictures of him stripping. On his personal page, Marraccino asked his friends last month to donate to The Satanic Temple for his birthday and followed that up with a “Hail Satan” post.

A collage of Marraccino’s performances posted by Bloomington Patriots. (Bloomington Patriots/Facebook)

Becky Strohmeier, a concerned resident who runs the Bloomington Patriots group, discovered that Marraccino appears to perform under the name Adam Divine as well. A Twitter profile with that name consists of “nearly 100% gay pornography,” according to Strohmeier.

“It’s very clear by his physical appearance that they are the same,” Strohmeier told Alpha News, noting that Marraccino commented on a Bloomington Patriots post about his alleged sexual exploits and didn’t deny it was him.

“This is childish and I’m not bothered. Your children crave love and acceptance, you seem to only have room for hate. That’s sad for them, and for you. Jesus would be ashamed of you,” Marraccino said.

Strohmeier claimed that Marraccino has uploaded dozens of pornographic videos to XTube, with words like “incest” and “brother” often appearing in the title.

“He also advertises an OnlyFans page where he uploads and sells pornography of himself,” she said.

A list of “community partners” for the Pride event includes the Bloomington Human Rights Commission, Hennepin County Libraries, Mall of America, and Normandale Community College.

Strohmeier and her group emailed their local elected officials to express their concerns and heard back from Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene, who said she knows Marraccino and can attest to the fact that he “in no way promotes Satanism and/or sex with minors.”

Bloomington Human Rights Commissioner Anita Smithson called Strohmeier’s concerns homophobic and urged her Twitter followers to report Strohmeier for “anti-gay hate speech.”

But Marraccino has publicly expressed his support for Satanism and neither Greene, Smithson, nor Marraccino himself have denied the claim that he produces his own pornography.

“Looking at this guy’s Twitter page and OnlyFans posts, then looking at his resume makes my heart drop — he is immersed in children,” Strohmeier told Alpha News. “Why would a porn actor with a kink for young boys dress up like a woman to entertain children? And why are so many elected officials defending him?”

Marraccino has responded to the criticism in various Facebook posts.

“It’s not the first time that I’ve been persecuted for my identity and religious beliefs, and I’m sure not the last,” he said. “I am exactly who I want and intend to be, your disapproval tastes like honey.”

According to the Bloomington Patriots group, at least two other drag queens who are scheduled to perform later this month have also posted sexually explicit content on social media.

One of the performers addressed the Bloomington City Council Monday night.

“Two days ago I was made aware of some memes on Facebook saying that myself and these two other individuals are inappropriate to perform in front of children. The problem is that the things that we posted were on Twitter and an adult website, and the things that we posted were not intended for children,” he said. “What we are going to be doing in two weeks is for children.”

Strohmeier explained that “it’s not even the event that we’re mad about” but the “choice of entertainment.”

“This man posts videos of himself having sex with ‘younger brother’ on the internet. He has incest fantasies. That’s illegal in the state of Minnesota,” she said Monday night. “It’s absolutely disgraceful that nobody did their due diligence on this.”


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