Board of Medical Practice dismisses yet another complaint against Dr. Jensen

"Let me be clear: I am not an anti-vaxxer ... patients get to choose," Dr. Jensen said after the Board of Medical Practice dismissed a fourth complaint filed against him.

Dr. Scott Jensen/Facebook
Dr. Scott Jensen/Facebook

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice opted for the fourth time to dismiss a complaint against Dr. Scott Jensen.

Jensen is a practicing medical doctor and former Minnesota state senator who is now running for governor as a Republican. He is also a champion of health freedom who believes that the coronavirus vaccine is useful for some patients but unnecessary for others. For this reason, he opposes government mandates that require the shot.

Seemingly because he advocates this stance, Jensen has been the target of four complaints filed against him with the board by anonymous accusers. All of these complaints have been dismissed.

He said this is because the grievances brought against him are politically motivated. “Not one of the four complaints against me has had anything to do with the health care services I have administered to my patients,” he said in a video to announce that the most recent complaint was dismissed. “It has had to do with politics.”

However, he has also stated previously that the board should be reformed to reduce how easily its complaint system can be abused.

“I think the Board of Medical Practice would like to see change so that they don’t have to treat all complaints equally, so that they would have the discretion to be able to say, ‘this is politically motivated. We are dispensing with it,'” he told Alpha News.

Speaking on the potential for future complaints, he said that “it’s important to realize that this may well happen again,” but he’s confident that his good standing and licensure are not in danger.

“I don’t think the Board of Medical Practice likes to be weaponized as a tool for people who disagree potentially with my political positions, so I thank the board for doing the work they do,” he said.

Jensen was also keen to clarify that he is not “anti-vax,” as some of his critics claim. “Let me be clear: I am not an anti-vaxxer,” he said. “I spend more than $100,000 every year purchasing vaccines and we just received a shipment of some 500 influenza vaccine orders. But I am a believer in health freedom and individual choice. Patients get to choose.”

“[The] COVID-19 vaccine, for many people, has been a game changer. If you run the statistical odds there are a lot of people who absolutely would benefit from the protection that the COVID vaccine would provide … and yet without question there are many people who enjoy a 99.997% recovery rate, so I’m going to stand by my conviction. Health freedom,” Jensen concluded.

Complaints against him aside, Jensen said he remains optimistic when considering the ongoing gubernatorial race.

America is in “a dark place that is not sustainable,” he told Alpha News in late August. Despite this, he remains “invigorated” as he speaks with Minnesotans on the campaign trail and starts seeing “better news” across the state.


Kyle Hooten

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