BREAKING: University of Minnesota Fetal Tissue Purchases

University-of-MinnesotaThe issue of fetal tissue donation and illegal profiting from such programs has been raised through videos released by the Center for Medical Progress and has resulted in several states investigating Planned Parenthood, but not in Minnesota.  The state’s abortion providers have strong support from Governor Mark Dayton and his Lt. Governor Tina Flint-Smith who served as Vice President of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North, and South Dakota.

The latest Center for Medical Progress video featured the procurement manager for Advanced BioScience Resources talking about how they procure fetal tissue from abortion clinics, including clinics in Minnesota.  The company is listed in “active/good standing” via the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office with a location in St. Paul.  Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota has denied having a fetal tissue program, but they are not the only abortion provider in the state.

Alpha News contacted the University of Minnesota on September 2nd after discovering online records of purchase orders with “Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc.” listed as a vendor.  We were provided copies of the purchase orders today which indicated the University purchased fetal tissue from the vendor from 2008-2014.

Fetal body parts purchased for University research include:  16-24 week fetal pancreas, 16-22 week fetal lung, 2nd trimester fetal liver and thymus.

Alpha News will keep our readers updated on this developing story.

Oct 1 UPDATE : Copies of purchase orders can be viewed under our latest story by clicking here