Charges: Woman stabbed man for $60, has 35 prior convictions 

Court records reveal that Simons has 35 prior convictions from a criminal history dating back to 1997.

Angelique Simons

A Minneapolis woman who allegedly stabbed a man to death over a $60 drug dispute last week has more than 30 prior convictions, court records show.

47-year-old Angelique Simons was charged Monday with two counts of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 40-year-old Joseph Pixley.

According to the charges:

Simons lured Pixley to a home on Queen Avenue North in Minneapolis just before 4 a.m. Jan. 22. Once there, Simons insisted that the victim owed her $60 and threatened to “f– him up” if he didn’t pay.

“You’re gonna f–ing pay me now,” she then told the victim after pulling out a knife and stabbing him once in the chest. As he was bleeding, Simons blamed the stabbing on the victim, saying it was his fault for “walking into it.”

She fled the scene with the knife and was picked up some time later by a friend at a nearby gas station.

Police officers spoke with witnesses who said Simons frequently used the Queen Avenue residence as a rendezvous point for heroin deals and is known for getting “mad about her money, her dope and people stealing from her.”

After her arrest, Simons admitted that she “always [goes] up to Queen,” but denied any involvement in dealing drugs and the victim’s death.

However, the friend who retrieved Simons from the gas station told police that she was “acting paranoid” and confessed to stabbing “someone at ‘Queen’ because he owed her money.”

“When advised that officers had been told about Defendant admitting to stabbing Victim, Defendant responded by saying that that did not mean anything, and the person could be lying. Defendant then declined to speak further with officers,” the charges state.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said Pixley died about 30 minutes after the stabbing at North Memorial Hospital.

Court records reveal that Simons has 35 prior convictions from a criminal history dating back to 1997. Records from her most recent charge suggest that she might have been in prison at the time of Pixley’s death were it not for a judge’s sentencing decision.

Simons was sentenced in June 2020 to 17 months in prison for fifth-degree possession, but her sentence was stayed by Anoka County Judge Jenny Walker Jasper, who released Simons on probation.

In January 2019, Simons’ prison sentence for escaping from custody was stayed by Anoka County Judge Dyanna Street.

At least two other judges have stayed Simons’ sentences for charges of theft and drug possession. Throughout her criminal career, she has been convicted on charges of DWI, disorderly conduct, assault and more.

Simons made her first court appearance Tuesday.


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