Children’s Sex Book with Images Deemed “Inappropriate” by Facebook, Yet Used in Minnesota Elementary Schools

Not only should parents demand this legislation be defeated now, but that book should be removed from every public/charter school.

It's Perfectly Normal is a book recommended be used for sex education in Minnesota by Planned Parenthood

Recent fury over Minnesota legislation to mandate Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) on all Minnesota public/charter schools has made the legislation radioactive.

The public was outraged, and Republican legislators ignited an explosive debate on the House Floor. Representative Eric Lucero exposed the Planned Parenthood-endorsed CSE book, It’s Perfectly Normal, during that debate.  He described the pictures that the book boasts as “developmentally appropriate” for children 4th graders.  A Facebook Video of Rep. Lucero’s floor speech has been viewed well over half a million times in less than one week. The CSE mandate is now toxic as parents discover what Minnesota legislators want to force upon their children.

In fact, excerpts from the CSE book are so toxic that Facebook refused to allow Alpha News to boost the article! What is too pornographic for Facebook “standards” is perfectly normal for ten-year-olds. Facebook is making our point!

Facebook did not allow Alpha News to boost images from “It’s Perfectly Normal”, a book available in many elementary schools.

Keep in mind that, since FB s an app designed for those over the age of 13, the message from FB is that the graphics shared in the Alpha News article aren’t okay for any age.

What people need to understand, however, is that this book is already in Minnesota Public Schools. The Child Protection League (CPL) did a quick survey of a limited number of metro area schools and found 27 schools stocking it in their libraries. This is not an exhaustive search.

If  your school did not make the list, it’s not off the hook. Parents need to check out their local school library to know for sure.

Five years ago, CPL provided copies of portions of this same book, It’s Perfectly Normal, to legislators in an effort to alert them to the dangerous curriculum being embedded into many Minnesota schools. Some legislators were actually offended that such material would be shared with them, calling it pornography on their desks. WCCO’s Pat Kessler reported on the evening TV news about the controversy, admitting he could not show the pictures because they violated obscenity standards.  

So, Facebook won’t allow it, television stations can’t show it, and parents are outraged by it. Why is it “appropriate” for 4th graders in school? This should be a violation of Minnesota’s Obscenity Law.

It’s not. The real outrage here is that, while it’s illegal to show obscene material to children, schools and libraries are exempt! The 1969 law was first passed when schools were introducing simple biological education on human reproductive anatomy. We’re a long way past that now!

Minnesota law requires schools to teach basic sex education. per. School Districts make that local decision about how to teach that.  The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Mandate legislation, which passed the Democrat controlled House of Representatives on a near party line vote, mandates all schools teach the explicit and graphic content of what is called “comprehensive.”  It’s Perfectly Normal is what CSE promoters consider a perfect example of the curriculum they are trying to impose. The book is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, which stands to do a good portion of the teaching as unlicensed community organizations permitted under the legislation.  They call it a model for elementary age children.

Not only should parents demand this legislation be defeated now, but that book should be removed from every public/charter school.

It’s also time to repeal the obscenity exemption for schools and libraries.

[The Child Protection League (CPL) is committed to promoting the welfare of children and protecting them from exploitation, indoctrination and violence. We educate citizens on issues that protect or threaten the safety of children.]

Michele Lentz


Child Protection League

Some of the images from the book can be seen below

Image via Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest
Michele Lentz

Michele Lentz is the president and co-founder of the Child Protection League.